Sunday, December 5, 2010

Army home grown Ultimate Fighters bring out huge crowd at Adder 'fight night'

I wasn't surprised when I heard soldiers saying that fight night brings out a bigger crowd than at any other event.  I know quite well that young males and females love to go to a whole variety of different types of martial arts.  I've attended WWF/WWE wrestling events with my kids and big groups of their friends.  We've also attended many of the amateur boxing events held in Western Massachusetts most of which I'd be the officiating ringside physician.

I never attended any of the Ultimate Fighting events that have recently become so popular and feature
both very little in the way of rules and the fighters are allowed to fight anyway they wish.  Therefore when I heard  that an Ultimate Fighting event was coming to Adder I assumed that professional fighters had agreed to perform. Well I had it all wrong.  At this army base there are so many individuals that are eager to fight on a stage that this event is held about every 3-4 months and many contenders aren't even placed on the roster because they event can't accomodate everybody who wants to get inside the ring and fight it out.  Memorial Hall was filled beyond capacity and the event was projected outdoors so the others can see. 

To me they fought like professionals and the crowd seemed pleased and loved watching the young soldiers fight until one defeated the other. Apparently ultimate fighting has become a sensation and for several years they've been able to fill sporting arenas and earn a fortune in pay for view receipts.  It is certainly alive and well and I can attest, it's very popular in the military. 

Major Marty


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