Monday, December 27, 2010

Gospel Bluenotes Bring the Spirit to COB Adder

They couldn't of come at a better time.  It was between Christmas & New Years, December 27, 2010 to be exact, and people's spirits were getting kind of low.  Most of the soldiers were thinking of their families and friends that they weren't go to see this year.   Nobody really expected salvation but salvation did arrive and it came from the most unlikely source.

Another entertainment group called "THE GOSPELL BLUENOTES" was going to be performing that night and they were going to be joined by a group of soldiers who sing at church services here at Adder.  I am embarrassed to say
that the crowd wasn't nearly as big as the ones that showed up to see the Ultimate Fighting, Heavy Metal or Country & Western. Although fewer in numbers there was simply no comparison to the joy, spirit and meaning they were able to bring to all of us who attended. Here you are stuck in this army camp in the middle of a wilderness during the holiday season and professional gospel singers are singing to you about lives that have known pain, loneliness & despair yet their voices are filled with hope, joy, and redemption. The lead singer claimed that he knew that the soldiers spirit had been sagging and he intended to fill our spirits with hope.

Please take a good look at these pictures and the brief video of this performance and it will give you an idea of what music can do for your spirit.

Because of internet issues it's very difficult to transmit video from Iraq. These brief clips cannot even begin to describe the emotions of this gospel performance held at Adder, Iraq on 12/27/2010.


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