Sunday, December 19, 2010

USO Show Brings Heavy Metal Band to COB Adder

I don't believe I've ever seen a live Heavy Metal concert and I never considered that to be a loss or something I'd go out of my way to check out.  But when the USO brings entertainment to you on a deployment you'd have to be a complete geek to avoid it.  You have no idea how boring it can be out here.  We work practically seven days/week and unless you're on a mission you never go outside the wire.  There is absoulutely no alcohol allowed, including beer, even when your off duty and officially you're always on duty even when you sleep.  So it's hard not to go when you hear that a rather big name is coming to your miserable outpost it's hard not to stay away.

If you've never seen or heard heavy metal my opinion is you're not missing anything.  On the other hand I have to be fair and say that there were huge numbers of soldiers, mostly younger ones but not exclusively young, who literally were sent into another world when they listened to this band play. Probably most of the younger soldiers were at this concert and they formed a huge mosh pit around the stage. Many of them had an out of this world look on their faces which might of been okay if the music was good.  Well they obviously thought so but I can't say that I liked the music at all.  On the other hand I'm not twenty years old anymore.

It wasn't especially enjoyable but I'm glad I didn't miss it.


Roberta Gang said...

Martin, you are so funny! I am sure I would have had the same reaction. How wonderful that these bands take the time to support our troops. It must mean a lot to so many.

Beatrice Lesser said...

Dear Martin,
I'm in D.C. with 6 adults all over 50, and better you than us in a mosh pit. We all agree that maybe you SHOULD have been on drugs and you might have not only enjoyed it, but thrown yourself into the Mosh.
Ken & I are visiting Bob & Ann,our annual hosts for a gourmet dinner for New Year's, which I help them cook, with another couple, Len and Lynn. There will be 12 for dinner. Since Ann just got a job as Deputy Director General with the UN's Food & Agricultural Organization (1st woman to have such a high level post) which hopes to feed all the world's hungery, which requires her to move to Rome for 3 years in 3 weeks, the theme of our dinner will be Italian food. Accordingly, next year our annual New Year's Eve dinner will be in ROME! We are all impressed with your service. Ken & I had lunch with Eric today and had a tour of his lovely house! I was amazed how well furnished and CLEAN it was (4 busy young men keeping a clean house). We saw Eric's huge collection of photos & memorabilia of his Life with Obama.
Love, Bee & happy new year

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