Monday, November 22, 2010

Major Marty's Newest Pictures!

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Charlie said...

Hi Martin--just wanted to say hello and that you are missed particularly at this holiday time. Take care of yourself. Happy Thanksgiving.
Charlie Rizzuto

gagnej said...

Our family will offer thanks for your service and pray for your safe return at our Thanksgiving table. We will think of you and all who are serving!
All the best,
Jill Gagne

Anonymous said...

hi marty,

you look great! photos are great. we are holding down the fort at 1236 main street. we miss you and await your return. happy thanksgiving,
kelly, judy, kathy,linda,lillian,& sandie

Ruth said...

saw photos on blog.Thanksgiving was great w/everyone here.Jesse, Brenda, Jonathan & Sefi all stayed for shabbat.We called Joan also & Uncle sy spoke to Eric.
We love you. take care of yourself.
Aunt Ruth & Uncle Sy

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