Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shabbat at COB Adder & Miscellaneous Pictures

Kabbalat Shabbat at COB Adder. We actually had a service most Friday nights with five being about the maximum. I understand there were ten soldiers for Passover Seder

Emergency medical equipment carried by a Combat Medic.
Entrance to TMC (Troop Medical Clinic).  One of our talented Combat
      Medics painted the blast wall.  I'm the third listing (Major Lesser, Martin DO)  
     Standing next to me is Major Andrew Altman, my replacement.
Boots on ground

Bunker built by Sadam Hussein, there were many of these on the base.

This is the blast wall that took the rocket headed for "The House of Pain"
  See "The House of Pain" feature
House of Pain surrounded with new blast walls.

Headquarters at Ali Al Salem Airport in Kuwait 

Theater Gateway Outbound Ops. Soldiers headed for Iraq & Afghanistan
are processed and held in that building until it's time to go.
These soldiers are waiting to go to Kabul, Afghanistan
Outside and inside of tents at Ali Al Salem Airport in Kuwait
Artwork on a barrier at Ali Al Salem Airport in Kuwait
Raising the flag at the Troop Medical Clinic at Adder, Iraq


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